KGU-Arranged Accommodation Self-Arranged Accommodation

KGU-Arranged Accommodation

Beginning with the Spring Semester 2024 intake, all nominated students will be eligible to apply for KGU-arranged accommodation. While KGU cannot at this time guarantee that all nominated students who apply for KGU-arranged accommodation will receive a housing placement, the KGU Residence Center will make every effort to accommodate as many students as possible.
Find more details about the accommodation options available to exchange students on the page below.

Self-Arranged Accommodation

Any exchange student who would rather arrange for their own accommodation or who would not be successful in obtaining a KGU-arranged accommodation as a result of the housing application process can review the below linked guide for guidance on how to find a suitable self-arranged accommodation in our area and a few recommendations.

(EN) Self-Arranged Accommodation Ressources.pdf(JP) Self-Arranged Accommodation Ressources.pdf