Prospective Students


Program Fees Living Expenses (Estimate) Scholarship Opportunities

Program Fees (Subject to change)

Tuition fees are waived for exchange students at KGU. However, they must pay program fees including initial fees, accommodation fees and administration fees for the duration of their program at KGU.

One Semester Full-Year
Fall (Sep.‒Jan.) Spring (Mar.‒Jul.) From Fall (Sep.‒Jul.) From Spring (Mar.‒Jan.)
Initial Fees
Includes orientation fees and KGU Insurance
70,000 JPY 70,000 JPY 80,000 JPY 80,000 JPY
Accommodation Fees 210,000 ‒ 400,000 JPY 170,000 ‒ 330,000 JPY 450,000 ‒ 780,000 JPY 410,000 ‒ 745,000 JPY
Administration Fees 3,000 JPY 3,000 JPY 9,000 JPY 6,000 JPY
TOTAL 283,000 ‒ 473,000 JPY 243,000 ‒ 403,000 JPY 539,000 ‒ 869,000 JPY 496,000 ‒ 831,000 JPY
Payment Policy
  • Accommodation fees will vary depending on the accommodation option in which exchange students will be placed.
  • One Semester: Complete payment of the program fees is required prior to the beginning of the program.
  • Full Year: Complete payment of the first semester program fees is required prior to the beginning of the program. Payment of the second semester program fees will be required before the start of the semester.

Living Expenses (Estimate)

Exchange students may find that they need more or less, but below is an estimate of what a student should plan for a one month period. Those planning trips during breaks, regular outings, shopping, or other personal plans should bring more.
The cost of a round-trip airfare to and from Japan or travel expenses for trips within Japan is not included below.

Homestay Student Dormitory Student
Health Insurance 3,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
Food 10,000 JPY 30,000 JPY
Books 7,000 JPY 7,000 JPY
Miscellaneous 20,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
Total 40,000 JPY 60,000 JPY

Scholarship Opportunities

Applying for scholarship through KGU

While KGU does not offer any unique scholarships for exchange students, we may recommend students to apply to external organizations. Such scholarships depend on the external organization’s budget and KGU cannot guarantee the number of scholarships we will be allocated. As a whole, the number of scholarships has decreased in recent years. Prospective exchange students are not to assume that they will receive a scholarship and should therefore plan their budget accordingly.

Applying to scholarships on your own

Past participants have received scholarships through corporations, national governments, and non-governmental organizations. CIEC will support applications to these scholarships, but the solicitation and application to the scholarship are the responsibility of the student.