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Emergency Contact Information

Inbound Medical Assistance Service CIEC

In case of medical emergency, please contact the Inbound Medical Assistance Service.
In case of any other emergencies, please contact CIEC.

Inbound Medical Assistance Service

The “Inbound Medical Assistance Service” is a service for international students in Japan.
Exchange students are enrolled in the "Inbound Medical Assistance Service".

Service Contents

1. Referral

Referral to an appropriate health institutions (clinic and hospital)

2. Interpretation

Interpretation service provided over the phone during transportation or while in clinic/hospital (doctor's permission necessary)

  • This is NOT a medical insurance.
  • Members are responsible for all medical expenses incurred.

Languages and Service Time

Language: English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean*
Service Time: 24hrs, 365 days

Interpretation in Korean may be available depending on time and days.

Phone Number

Call the number below when you need to use the above services.

  • The operator will say “Nihon Emergency Assistance”.
    Please give them your name and state that you are a student from Kwansei Gakuin University.
  • If asked for your contract number, please give your KGU student number.


1. Who can use this service

All exchange students enrolled in the CJP Program

2. When/where can you use this service

From the designated arrival day to moving out day

3. This service cannot be used in case of

Strikes, natural disaster, riot, terrorist attack, war, nuclear incident, traffic/transport restraint

4. About handling of personal information

“Nihon Emergency Assistance” shall not use members’ personal information for any purposes other than implementation of the contract.


CIEC Contact Information

Telephone: 0798-51-0952 / (+81)798-51-0952
Fax: 0798-51-0954 / (+81)798-54-6114
E-mail: ,