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Japanese National Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance, commonly known as "Kokuho" in Japan, is a medical insurance system where the national government, local governments and individuals share the medical expenses; therefore, every insured person can receive treatment without incurring a significant financial burden. Every Japanese citizen and foreign national residing over three months in Japan is required to enroll in the National Health Insurance system, and voluntary withdrawal is not permitted.

How to Enroll in the National Health Insurance System

Where? What to Bring?
The local City/Ward Office 1. Passport
2. Residence Card
3. Student ID Card

Insurance Premium

The annual insurance premium varies depending on the municipality and the applicant’s income from the previous year. It is recommended that exchange students declare their previous year's income in Japan, which is zero, by filling in an Income Declaration Form (Kan-i Shinkoku Sho) when joining the National Health Insurance during orientation.
The annual premium is paid in monthly installments from June to March and the discounted premium is usually around 10,000 JPY per year.
Enrollees will be notified of their premium and the due date of payment by postal mail every year/month. Insurance premiums may be paid at the local city/ward office, a bank, a post office and a convenience store. Failing to pay the premium by the due date may have consequences on the following premiums.

Insurance Coverage

The National Health Insurance covers 70 percent of medical expenses. Once enrolled, a health insurance card will be issued. The card must be shown whenever treatment is received at a hospital or a clinic. Card holders only need to pay 30% of medical expenses at a clinic or hospital for any medical and dental treatment covered by the system.
Exchange students are covered by the National Health Insurance from the Designated Arrival Day to the day they exit the country. Exchange students leaving Japan must apply for cost-adjustment of their premiums at their City/Ward Office. The National Health Insurance expiration date will be modified to be valid until the time of departure.

To learn more about the National Health Insurance, please consult the following website.

Health Insurance