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Student Affairs Section IT Support Center Training Center
Gymnasium and Pool Kwansei Gakuin Kaikan Hall Fujita Global Lounge

Student Affairs Section (Map ①)

The Student Affairs Section provides useful information for all students.

When should an exchange student go to the Student Affairs Section?
  • Need a new commuter pass
  • Need a JR Student Discount slip
  • Lost wallet

IT Support Center (Map ②)

The IT Support Center is located on the first floor of the Media Building.
Students can get help with their KG System ID and password reissued. Students can also get help to connect to the university Wi-Fi.

IT Support Center Homepage

Training Center (Map ③)

Located on the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus, the Training Center is in the Athletic Center.
It is equipped with weight training machines and free weights, as well as aerobic exercise machines such as stationary bicycles, treadmills, and stepping machines. Mats, balancing balls, and other types of exercise equipment are also available. Professional trainers are available at the Training Center everyday to give free advice or suggest individual training plans.
It is available for use by KGU faculty, staff, and students.

Necessary Items for Registration
  1. Student ID Card
  2. 2,000 JPY ticket

(Ticket machines are located on the first floor of the G Building and in the Student Affair Service building)

Training Center Orientation

Those wishing to use this facility are required to participate in an orientation conducted by the “Athletic and Cultural Activity Support Section,” located on the 1st floor of the Athletic Center. Orientation is usually held in Japanese.
Exchange Students can attend an English-led Training Center orientation during Orientation-week (more details announced during orientation).

Opening Hours and Closed Days
Opening Hours Weekdays
National Holidays which classes are held on
Final Examination Period
July 31 to September 15 10:00〜18:00
Closed Days Weekends
National Holidays
September 28
August 13 to August 21
December 25 to January 5

Training Center Homepage
List of training devises

Gymnasium and Pool (Map ④)

All sports facilities on the Nishinomiya Uegahara and Seiwa Campuses; including the gymnasium, sports fields, and tennis courts are only available for the use of physical education classes, sports teams or club practice and games.
A heated swimming pool; located in the second basement of the Student Union New Building, is open to students, faculty and staff members at designated times. The schedule is available at the “Athletic and Cultural Activity Support Section,” located on the 1st floor of the Athletic Center.

Kwansei Gakuin Kaikan Hall (Map ⑤)

The Kwansei Gakuin Kaikan Hall houses a reception hall, a formal restaurant, a conference room, seminar rooms, a lounge, and the Bates Chapel.
The restaurant, "Poplar," offers regularly alternating special main courses, as well as a seasonal menu with Western and Japanese dishes.

Fujita Global Lounge (Map ⑥)

The Fujita Global Lounge in G building is named after the late Mr. Makoto Fujita, first executive Director of the International Center at KGU. This lounge provides a place for exchange students and Japanese students to interact and socialize. A main feature of this lounge are the large LCD plasma monitors, displaying news shows from all over the world, such as United States, China and Germany.


Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus Map (PDF)